Thursday, July 20, 2006


It's been almost a week now I've been playing 'God of War', the PS2 videogame. Almost finished, I think. The game is pretty crazy at times especially the last few stages. Really feel like knocking the controller onto my son's head (especially with his comments on how I should have ducked, rolled, evade Aries cahoots). Yeah right..easier said than young Padawan.I'm at the 'Path of Hades' as of last night and am simply pissed off with the bunch of hoots that keep arrowing me down as I walked through the path (with blades mind you). The only silver lining is that it's nearing weekend and I'll have more time to keep trying. Fingers crossed..Kratos will defeat the God of War, Aries.

It's a new day today, and you know what? I beat the hell of Aries last night in the 'Final Battle'. It was a gruelling one and with the game kept offering me the 'Easy' option mode, it was kind of insulting. I dunno whether the cut-scene after completing the game was really satisfying coz I've seen better. But, to complete another game, there is always a 'comforting' and 'enjoy the cut-scene moment' sense of achievement but not the same when I completed the 'Prince of Persia Chronicles'.

However, only Kratos a mortal could kill a God, Aries, the God of War.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Perhentian Besar Island - 8 July 2006 to 9 July 2006

Arrived with Anuar in Kuala Besut around 8ish a.m. after breakfast of 'Nasi Kerabu' succintly described as 'Power' at one of the small kampungs on the way. DAMN...the 'Nasi Kerabu' really lives up to its description coz it's one of the best 'Nasi Kerabu' I've ever had. The vegies (or 'ulams' in Malay) were freshly cut and the marinated/sauteed (with a hint of lemon grass) roasted chicken and beef were right off the stove. Don't ask me where the place is exactly coz without Anuar's guide, I haven't a clue. All Anuar told me later is that, it's Kedai Nasi Kerabu Kampung Pak Tuyu. Huh...Good Luck finding it.

It was meant to be a weekend dive-trip to Pulau Tioman with some friends but somehow we managed to get the dates totally screwed. So, I decided to head-off to Perhentian instead. Planned to do at least 5 dives, 3 on Saturday and 2 on Sundays. Well, the plan flew off the car's window since we didn't reach Kuala Besut to catch the first boat in. Thanks to Anuar asking us to pick him up right dead centre of KL CBD, Bukit Bintang. Getting in and out took us almost 2 and a half hour with all the road closures for the preparations of 'Citrawarna' during the weekend.

Stayed at Arwana this time around in one of the RM25 per nite dorms or 'quads'. The rooms are nice and clean too. I have a huge feeling that the dorms are rarely occupied. Bathrooms are outside the dorms and shared. No broken lockers and the keys are still there and it works to keep your valuables (though I strongly recommend to bring them with you, better safe than sorry).

The East Marine dive crew was out when I reached the dive centre, can't believe that I missed the dive to the Vietnamese Wreck which was the second morning dive scheduled for the day. Been there the last time but the viz wasn't that good.
Batu Butuk on Saturday eve was my first dive on this trip. Nothing much sighted. Perhaps because due to the guide going too fast. Only managed to snap a juvenile lionfish under some corals and a rather large puffer fish in one of the swimthroughs that the site has to offer.

Visited Tokong Laut the next morning and Sea Bell (with ascend near the lighthouse). Tokong Laut...just when you thought you'd seen them all, suddenly you sighted something you'd never seen before at the site. During the dive, sighted a lone barracuda sort of hovering near the surface unfazed of the divers below.There was also a sea star shrimp sighted on one of (what else? but) a sea star. Sea Bell's viz hasn't improved since the last time I dived there. Highlight was a sighting of a full body moral eel tucked under some rocks.

Found out later the day that East Marine takes you out to go to Lang Tengah from Perhentian for dives. Maybe you have to stay in Lang Tengah for a nite of some sort. Don't know the details or the minimum set of conditions for East Marine to take you from Perhentian to Lang Tengah (or vice versa). Definitely, will check on that.

Caught the last boat out at 4p.m. to Kuala Besut. Paid the overnight parking fees of RM10.00. Then, head back to Kuantan to fetch the family.

On a last note, people always strive to stand out from the re
st in any possible way than our mind can fathom.Sometimes it's so strange and perhaps (ridiculous). I caught this photo in the outskirts of Kuala Terengganu at one of the traffic light. Enuff said!!

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