Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Redang Island - 9 April 2006 to 11 April 2006

It's another trip to Redang Island for my family. After numerous visits, the island never fail to fascinate us. The turquoise water, the calm and serenity of its surroundings, the friendliness and hospitality of the people where we called 'home' for a couple of days, worth acknowledgement.

Since this is my first blog, I might as well highlight what's my blog and its aspirations (if I may coined the term). Firstly, I am not by all means an expert about islands, even the ones in my home country where I have resided for almost 30 years. Mind you, there's still part of Kuala Lumpur I can get lost easily if not to my wife. It's just a venue to share my experience and perhaps, in a way, no matter how miniscule it is, help somebody else decides their next vacation. Okay, enough about what I intend to achieve with my blog. Let's get back to Redang.

We stayed at a no frills and fancy, Mozana Chalet. A lodge at Telok Kalong operated by locals I think, not one of those large corporations. The place is simple and most importantly, to me that is, a dive shop i.e. Gipsy Divers is just a whisper away from Mozana. Oh yes, I left out the fact that I am also a diver which is an important fact because throughtout the blog, I'll go deeper into this. You'll see what I mean.

I made 5 dives during the trip, considering wife and kids present, that's a bonus. I guess by now they're used to filling in the gaps while I being submerged, with their own indulgences. Snorkelling, lazing on the beach and etcetra. Kudos to them. Dive sites visited were Pulau Kerengga Besar (I think, there are two of Kerengga Island, one 'Besar' i.e. big, the other 'Kecil' i.e. small), Che' Isa, K1, Stinger Reef and Terumbu Kili (in chronoligal order). Highlights were Black Tip Shark in Pulau Kerengga Besar.
Spotted a Tiger Cowry at Che' Isa, it's nice to see one in its natural environment compared to on a shelf in a souvenier shop.

Stinger Reef's dive was a blast for photography with moray eels, cleaner shrimps, boxer shrimps, stone fish, porcupine fish, lion fishes etc.
Nothing much to highlight on K1 dive site though with a strobe, the place provides an ideal spot for underwater landscape shots. "Just not our day, I guess", laments Zaid, the Dive Master "coz on a good day, stingrays and sharks (of various kinds and sizes) are a plenty".
Terumbu Kili was a splendour, sighted a Hawksbill turtle resting and having a meal. A couple of nudibranches with a Chromodoris Coi laying its eggs. There's also a juvenile yellow boxfish, so small, it's actually amazing I spotted it. Kinda same size as the nail on my thumb.
Overall, it was a great trip again to Redang Island, diving and underwater photography wise. Heaps, more I can blog in my inaugural blog, but, there's always next time.

To my new mates met on this trip, Safari, Eugene and Wahab. Nice to meet you and till we meet again, "Dive Safely and See You Guys Down There".Please visit for more photos or View slideshow

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